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Toole Legal Tradition
Arnold E. Toole's great grandfather, Anderson Toole, was born into slavery in 1850. Anderson's son, Samuel G. Toole (Arnold’s grandfather), attended law school at the University of Kansas, class of 1903. He was the only "African American" in a class of 44 students. He practiced law in both Kansas City, Kansas, and Chicago, Illinois. He served the United States in the Spanish American War.
Arnold's uncle, Cornelius Toole, was also a counselor of the law. He practiced as a Public Defender in Chicago, served as the first General Counsel to the Chicago chapter of the NAACP, engaged in private practice, and was appointed a judge in Illinois. He served the United States in the Korean War.
Arnold E. Toole, Esq., proudly continues in the Toole Legal Tradition.
Sam TooleSamuel G. Toole . . .  Not all the world looks with favor and complaisance upon the man who attempts to make the most possible out of his life.
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